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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How to Make Money Writing Articles On The Internet

The internet is a showcase of websites; these websites either provide valuable contents for visitors or sales letters to sell their products. Most websites require original contents to keep visitors on the page. Web surfers visit websites because they want access to certain pieces of information important to them. There is need for webmasters to give more value to their websites by way of posting appropriate content to their websites. The major form of contents on websites comes in form of articles; the need for articles has become overwhelming for webmasters and hence it has become imperative for the jobs to be outsourced to article writers.

For a website to draw traffic and satisfy the needs of its visitors, it needs to have appropriate content which comes in form of valuable articles on the website. This has opened an avenue for article writers to make money either part time or full time writing articles for website owners. As an article writer, you do not need to report to any office; all jobs are done and delivered online. I know you have lots of questions already. How does this work? How will I get paid? How will my efficacy be measured?.....

This opportunity would not fizzle away because as far as the internet is in existence, people must design and upload their websites to the web; hence the need for continuous request for website contents. Every business person understands the dynamics of business; as a business man you have got to spend money to make your business work. Website owners spend thousands of dollars buying articles on a monthly basis. If $1000 is invested in paying for articles in a month and these articles generate 600,000 visitors a month; let’s assume that 3% of the traffic (18,000) click on the Google Adsense Ads on their website which pays $0.30 per click; this translates to $5,400 from Adsense in a month. If the major source of revenue on that website is Adsense, after taking away the cost of articles, the website owner still has $4,000 profit for keeps. What if this website owner sells Ad space or products, can you deduce how much profit he would make? I hope the picture is getting clearer to you.

It’s possible for a webmaster to own more than a hundred website. Can you imagine the need for articles? Freelancers have to be contracted to do the writing job and that is where you come in as a writer. The demand for articles is increasing everyday and you can leverage on this to make some money either part time or full time. If you can write then this is an opportunity for you. For the doubting Thomas who wants proof, see screen shot of some jobs I did when I had the time:

Those jobs were done on a microjob platform called FIVERR. Jobs on this website are done for $5; all I did was to post my offer, then I got sales and delivered. The website owners withhold the funds until the buyer is satisfied then you are paid; you can withdraw your earnings with their revenue card. See screenshot.

There are several websites where you can list your writing services to get paid, find the list below:
1.       O Desk
2.       FIVERR
3.       Elance
4.       Freelancer
5.       SEO Clerks
6.       iWriter
7.       Beyond
8.       Guru

This is not an exhaustive list but just a few of them. Another way you can get even more money for your writing jobs is by building a mini website and listing your services. If you take this route you would have to think about paying a website designer to design an attractive website, you need to be able to make visitors pay for your services by your description; you would also have to think about how to get paid for your job done. I have found that Freelance websites make the above concerns easier for your; all you need to do is to list your services in a professional way and deliver the job accordingly to get feedbacks from your buyers. When you get lots of positive feedback, your ranking increases and you can get a higher pay for your jobs. A 500 word article can fetch you between $5 - $50 or even more depends on your level of professionalism. What if you get 10 writing jobs a day? Do the maths!

What do Webmasters Require From Writers?

When you start out initially, it might be a bit difficult getting jobs but as soon as you land your first job, it is smooth sailing. You need to know what webmasters lookout for in an article.

1. You Should be able to Write SEO Articles: By SEO, I mean Search Engine Optimization. These kinds of articles are written to attract natural search engine traffic from Google by using appropriate keywords which a web surfer would naturally type into Google to get results. The essence of this is to get the website listed on the first page of Google when certain keywords are searched for. Webmasters need these kinds of articles to improve their website rank and increase visibility.
Writing a SEO article is not rocket Science; these articles are not entirely different from regular articles, it’s just that they are written with the inclusion of certain keywords well blended into them so as to get more traffic. In most cases, you would be given the keywords and title to write; you just need a little research to write the article and get paid.

2.  Error Prone Articles: You need to be able to write clearly and accurately in order to get jobs. Most webmasters are meticulous and would want an article that is error free. Nobody wants to pay for a job and end up editing the job. You need to read your articles over again before submission to ensure your work is error free.

3. Copyscape Free: You must be able to write articles without copying directly from the internet. There is no point copying from the internet and sending to the buyer; he can do that as well. The whole idea of paying for an article is to get 100% original content; your articles should be able to pass the copyscape test, this test is run on the internet so as to check for duplicate content. Buyers frown at this!
In order to make money writing articles, you would be required to create an account on any of the websites listed above. Creating a professional profile is of utmost importance; your listing should be detailed and straight to the point. On some of the websites listed, you would need to contact the buyers based on their needs. Go through the website and see what people are offering and requesting for; that should give you a head start.

Some of the websites listed above pay through Paypal; receiving payments through this medium requires that you have a Paypal account. This option is limited as not all countries are eligible to open an account. Some others pay via check or wire transfer depends. As indicated earlier on, FIVERR gives you a Mastercard to withdraw your earnings from any ATM machine worldwide.

Practice what you have read.

I wish you the best.

Ikenna Victor Agina


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