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Friday, August 30, 2013

Listen to Me! Don't Give up - There is Light at the End of The Tunnel!

Life as we know could be hard on you at some point in your course of existence, but you have got to keep moving. Sometimes it's so bad you ask yourself what you are living for! The rich and influential also experience some down time too; it's the fighting spirit within, your believe in your God and your ability that keeps you going. I don't know what you are going through right
now, I don't care what circumstance or situation you are faced with! What I know is this ' No matter how tough it is, please don't give up!' Giving up and staying down is the worse thing you can do to yourself. Come to think about it, what if the greatest inventors of time had given up on themselves? What would have become of our world? While failing is not an option for most people, it's not bad to fail; it's only pitiable to stay down after you fail. Think about how disappointed your mentee would feel when you stay down after a fall? Think about everyone that look up to you for moral and motivational support! I want you to also imagine yourself spring up after a downfall, can you envisage the positive impact this would make to your followership? When they imagine how you rose from a difficult situation, it only gives them hope that they can do more than stay down or giveup!

Three months ago I had received a text message from a young man of 29 years old that read ' Mehnn I really feel like committing suicide right now. Because I am not connected I can't get a job in our country after 10 years of studying abroad, My Mother is dying in the hospital'. My mind skipped a beat when I read this message; I had to do something fast before he takes his own life! I replied his text message by saying ' think about the disappointment and the pains you would cause your family if you commit suicide, think about your Mum in the hospital; she needs you more than ever now, your family needs you. If I have my way, I could give you my own job; hang on there, there is light at the end of the tunnel'. I waited about two hours and there was not response, I called his phone and it was switched off. My heart pounded even faster; had he killed himself? I was a bit worried! Surprisingly, I got a text after 30 minutes and he thanked me telling me he was okay. I told him to keep submitting his resume; I also advised him to consider starting up a small business which he already said he was considering. Long story short, he called me recently and told me he won a laptop after attending a program and he had also gotten a job. 

It's painful to quit when you are on the verge of breaking through! I know life could be frustrating, but I also want you to realize this ' no be your own bad pass'. You need to keep trying no matter what! If you need a better job, continue submitting your resume, attend functions or programs where you can meet people. Social media networks are helpful these days; just keep trying and you will be sure to succeed. The same applies for a small business owner, building a business is not easy; you have got to pay your dues, most businesses fail three months after start up; even when you fail, don't stay down, everything takes time to become firm, Alhaji Aliko Dangote did not hit the Forbes list in a flash. I always emphasize this, please look within yourself; you need to know what talents you have or what skills you have acquired in order to survive in most cases; there has to be something you can do or would be needed for. Nobody is entirely a waste, leverage on what you have! If you can write, please write; if you can paint, please paint!

Keep praying, keep working, keep doing what you know how to do. There is light at the end of the tunnel; there is hope, please don't stay down!

Until next time.

Ikenna Victor Agina


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