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Monday, October 21, 2013

Tomi Davies: “What is the Nigerian dream?” and “Who was or will be the dreamer?”

To answer this question I did some thinking and it hit me that Nigeria’s founding fathers of which my old man was one actually did have a dream! It was encapsulated in the country’s original National Anthem (1960-1978) which I have paraphrased into the following prayer:
“Oh God of all creation grant this request that we build Nigeria our own dear native land into a nation where though tribe and tongue differ each generation stands in brotherhood to hand on to its children a sovereign Motherland where no man is oppressed”
Let me explain my thinking using some of the key words in the Anthem that leap to mind:
God: Not of the one or the other but of ALL
Request: A plea for the future – it does not yet exist but is a continuing exercise
Nigeria our own: Ownership and a clear sense of belonging
Build a Nation: Develop an identity that resonates with individual nationals
Though…(we)…Differ: In spite of our differences or because of our similarities (even if its just the fact that we are co-located in the same geography on the planet)
Tribe: We have an innumerable collection of groups of human beings with various cultures
Tongue: We are rich with different languages and forms of self-expression
Brotherhood: Collective harmony not exclusive excellence
Hand on to our children: Transitional ownership; succession and future focus
Sovereign: Independent and self-governing without need for unwelcome external influences
Motherland: A land of ancestors, natives and their successors
No man oppressed: Equality under the rule of law
I honestly believe that this is the unfulfilled dream Nigerians have all been unconsciously striving to bring to life and are getting frustrated that it’s seeds have been killed along the way and are not being resown nor grown.
Written by Tomi Davies a recognised expert in the IT-led transformation of businesses and CEO of TVCLabs
Originally Posted on Copyright 2013


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