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Sunday, November 3, 2013

My Personal Letter to Job Seekers

" This piece was originally written as a note on my Facebook Page in July 15, 2011. Still a good read. Please read and share"

I woke up this morning thinking about a lot of things especially issues concerning the thousands if not millions of graduates hovering the streets in search of a job; most graduates spend half of their day in a cyber cafe blasting CVs and it could be frustrating that you hardly even get an invite. Most of the top jobs have been hijacked and the openings are just for formality's sake. Only the lucky ones are being picked from the 1-10 slots left open for the public. Considering this scenario, do you possibly think we can all be employed? Every quarter of the year thousands of youths leave the NYSC program, some get jobs ASAP (Those with longer legs) and the others join the already increasing number of jobless graduates. Youths are frustrated and most of them end up doing yahoo yahoo and for the ladies, they just take a trip to Abuja or Port Harcourt to hustle. Is this what we bargained for? After 4, 5, 6 years of
Education, It seems like a waste, does it? Well, no knowledge is lost anyway. Minister of information - Labaran Maku spoke on media sometime last month and said it is high time Youths started thinking of what to do with their hands; the private sector cannot employ all graduates and same goes for public sector. Bearing all these in mind I think it is high time we youths employed our sixth sense and start thinking outside the box.

Take a look around you there are opportunities to leverage on, don't but we are just myopic to see this because our brain has been configured to believe that it's just the job we need and we can't do anything else. I once met a graduate of Economics on the street of Abuja, she sells corporate wears and I never knew she is a graduate till she told me. She was so cheerful and lively even though she still wanted a job but at least she had her hands on something. I could not help but marvel at her natural customer service method that drew people to buy from her. Some persons might not be down with this because of pride and the whole “I am graduate feeling," but will you rather stay home asking your folks for N100 everyday to go to the cafe? Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life? Look for things you can do, proffer solutions to people's problems. Read more, acquire a skill and look for loopholes in the economy to leverage on. What about your talents? There has to be something you are good at; if not build an interest in one and learn the ropes!

Nigeria is a blessed land filled with lots of opportunities all we need to do is to comb the hidden green pastures and we get all we want. I hope this helps all job seekers out there.

If you like this note share it with your friends.

To your success.

Ikenna Agina


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