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Thursday, September 19, 2013

How to Make Money Writing on iWriter - Your $600 Monthly Journey

Once again, from personal experience I have decided to share a simple and straightforward way of writing on iwriter and making up to $600 monthly. Are you a writer who needs some little extra money? Would you want to improve your writing skills while performing writing jobs for clients? Articles and website contents are always high in demand by website owners as it helps them keep their visitors on their website for a long time and also drive targeted traffic to their website. Thousands to millions of people are getting their business online, webmasters worldwide are budgeting heavily for articles and contents since they can't handle all the writing jobs. iWriter provides a platform for website owners and article writers to meet and transact business in a more secure and convenient way. The webmaster gets quality articles for his money and the article writer gets paid for writing, it's that simple. 

How Much Will I be Paid?

iWriter pays it's writers based on their levels( Standard, Premium or Elite). Writers get paid 81% the total price of the written article. The other 19% is the transaction fees taken by Paypal to process payments. This should not discourage you as you can still earn as much as you want for your writing works. Article writers earn $1.62 for a 300 word article, $2.43 for a 500 word article and $4.05 for a 700 word article. Elite article writers can earn as much as $15 for each written article. The trick is getting as much articles written and upgrading your article status to receive a much higher pay for your work. Your initial focus should be to write up to 30 good articles in order to get good reviews and a 4-5 star rating. You still earn money on writing these articles. So let's assume you write 10 articles a day which amounts to $24.30 articles, you would have earned $729 by the time your write for 30 days. 

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How do I Collect My Money?

Payments on iWriter is made via Paypal. The funds are disbursed to your paypal email either weekly, every two weeks or on the 5th of every month. I don't have a paypal, how can I collect my money? This used to be a problem for me but I had someone create a sub-account for me on his paypal account, he takes a little percentage of the money and sends the balance to my local bank account. Friends and relatives who operate Paypal accounts can help you receive the money and send via Western Union Transfer. This shouldn't be a hitch.

You can visit the iWriter website here to familiarize yourself with the website. In the next few days I will create another tutorial to teach you how to create an account and start writing to get paid.

To your success.

Ikenna Agina.


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