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Saturday, September 21, 2013

She Made 20k in 9 Hours Making Spring Rolls, Samusa, Small Chops and Fried Meat

If you are unemployed and don't have any skill or hand work then I am sorry for you. It's imperative to learn at least one skill or leverage on the use of your talent to render services and make money for yourself. Obviously, there are no jobs to accommodate the thousands to millions of unemployed graduate so you need to shine your eyes and give yourself some value. Yesterday I paid a visit to my younger sister, I could perceive the
aroma coming from the kitchen and was curious to know what she and her friends were doing. Well, it turned out to be spring rolls, samusa, puff and fried meat. I had watched the ladies do their thing and I wish I could do same; well, I learnt a bit of it. In some hours time, they were already packaging the products ready for delivery. I got in there  by 8:00am and by 4:00pm, they were heading out to deliver. I became more curious and began to ask questions as I wondered how much profit she could have made from her services. Honestly, I thought it would be between 5k - 10k! See final output!

After having disturbed her continuously, she opened up and told me she made 20k from that delivery; I opened my mouth in awe! In just 9 hours? Whao, that's what some graduates are being paid in a month! I asked even more questions and she reluctantly answered; guess she was so tired. I garnered that she was paid 30k to deliver 100 packs of the edibles. She spent a total of 10k to buy the ingredients and materials needed for the job and the rest was her profit. I had earlier on blogged about how she enrolled for with a catering school and how she had learned to bake and do all these stuffs. What would have become of her if she had kept on waiting for that paid job to come? 

Dear unemployed or under employed, the time has come for you to take charge of your life and stop complaining. Everyday I receive emails of people looking for jobs and I begin to wonder why these people can't do something useful with themselves by acquiring skills. Everyone cannot be employed! You can do something differently today by equipping yourself with skills and make money while rendering services. 

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To your success.

Ikenna Agina